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Patricia Boser discoveries our “Sun Drops”, which provide effective UV and blue light protection that can be mixed into any other cream, and “The Skin Whisperer”, which contains the latest findings from apple stem cell research.


Boser is particularly enthusiastic about our innovative strength. In our in-house research laboratory, we are now working on effect levels 5 and even 6, while the market is still talking about level 4. The development of the practical “Sun Drops” are also an idea of Mila d’Opiz and meet the needs of modern skin protection. The biggest highlight for Boser is our cosmetic line “The Skin Whisperer”, as its active ingredients guarantee a visible immediate effect and give the face lasting freshness


When Patricia Boser and Caroline Studer, the owner of Mila d’Opiz, first met, it was immediately clear that they were both cur from the same cloth and represented the same values. With her flair for Swiss quality and luxury, Boser is the ideal brand ambassador and is committed to Mila d’Opiz on a partnership basis far beyond this function – a win- win situation.


The successful Swiss presenter is known from her shows “Züri Date”, “Lifestyle”, and “Boser & Böser”. Winner of several television awards, Boser knows how to win the hearts of celebrities and inspire the audience in a smart way. Totally committed to Swiss values, her personality is an excellent match for Mila d’Opiz